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Lab Publications

Applying the Rapture Resolution Rating System to emotion-focused couple therapy. Sharlow - Levin, A., Shahar, B., Goldman, R., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2024. View

Synchrony Dynamics Between Therapists and Clients . Atzil-Salonim, D., Paz, A., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Conversations: Israeli Journal of Psychotherapy, 2023. View (hebrew)

Emotional Expression and Empathy in an Online Peer Support Platform. Weisberg, O., Daniels, S., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2023. View

The Effect of Therapists’ Enactment Interventions in Promoting Vulnerability Sharing in Emotion Focused Couple Therapy. Kula, O., Machluf, R., Shahar, B., Greenberg, L. S., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Psychotherapy Research, 2023. View

The Relationship Between Therapist Interventions and Couples' Emotional Injury Resolution in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Kula, O., Machluf, R., Shahar, B., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2023. View

Interpersonal Variables and Caregiving Partners’ Burden in Cardiac Illness: A Longitudinal Study. Katz, E., Bar-Kalifa, E. Pietromonaco, P., Wolf, H., Klempfner, R., Hod, H., & Vilchinsky, N. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2023. View

Clients’ Emotional Experience as a Dynamic Context for Client–Therapist Physiological Synchrony. Bar-Kalifa, E., Goren, O., Gilboa-Schechtman, E., Wolff, M., Rafael, D., Heimann, S., Yehezkel, I., Scheniuk, A., Ruth, F., & Atzil-Slonim, D. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2023. View

A Multimodal Case Study Utilizing Physiological Synchrony as Indicator of Context in which Motion Synchrony is Associated With the Working Alliance. Shachaf, T., Bar-Kalifa, E., Kleinbub, J. R., Leibovich, L., Deres-Cohen, K., & Zilcha-Mano, S. Psychotherapy, 2022. View

State Mindful Attention Awareness as a Dyadic Protective Factor During COVID‑19: a Daily Diary Study. Perelman, Y., Don, B., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Mindfulness, 2022. View

Spatial proximity in relationships research methods: The effect of partner’s presence during survey completion on shared reality in romantic couples’ daily lives. Enestrom, M. C., Bar-Kalifa, E., Bar-Shachar, Y., & Lydon, J. E. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2022. View

Relationship satisfaction during COVID-19: The role of partners’ perceived support and attachment. Bar-Shachar, Y., Lopata, S., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Family Relations, 2022. View

His, her, or theirs? Hope as a dyadic resource in the transition to parenthood. Zhavi, T., Lazarus, G., Pshedetzky-Shochat, R., Bar-Kalifa, E., Refoua, E., Gleason M.E.G., & Rafaeli E. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 2022. View

Daily stress and relationship quality: a two-decade scoping review from an intersectional lens. Totenhagen, C., Randall, E., Bar-Kalifa, E., Cifici, O., & Gleason, M. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2022. View

Oxytocin reactivity to the therapeutic encounter as a biomarker of change in the treatment of depression. Atzil-Slonim, D., Stolowicz-Melman D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Gilboa-Schechtman, E., Wolff, M., Rotter, I., Zagoory, O., & Feldman R. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2022. View

Objective and subjective sleep and caregiving feelings in mothers of infants: A longitudinal daily diary study. Ran Peled, D., Bar-Shachar, Y., Horwitz, A., Finkelstein, O., Bar-Kalifa, E., Meiri, G., & Tikotzky, L. Sleep, 2022. View 


Attachment-based family therapy for sexual and gender minority young adults and their nonaccepting parents. Diamond, G. M., Boruchovitz-Zamir, R., Nir-Gotlieb, O., Gat, I., Bar-Kalifa, E., Fitoussi, P., & Katz, S. Family process, 2022. View 

Capitalization, motivational effectiveness, and regulatory mode: a daily diary study of romantic partners. Rehani, B. & Bar-Kalifa, E. Cognition and Emotion, 2022. View

The Role of Individual and Dyadic Planning in Couples’ Daily Goal Pursuits. Katzenelenbogen, O., Knoll, N., Stadler, G., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2022. View

Emotional linkage as a moderator of emotional reactivity effect on partners' depressive symptoms. Lopata, S., Randall, A. K., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2021. View

Client-therapist congruence in session-helpfulness ratings and its association with therapy outcomes. Chen, R., Bar-Kalifa, E., Sade, E., & Ziv-Beiman, S. Psychotherapy Research, 2021. View

A longitudinal study of the links between maternal and infant nocturnal wakefulness. Tikotzky, L., Bar-Shachar, Y., Volkovich, E., Meiri, G., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, 2021. View

The relationship between therapist interventions and couples' emotional injury resolution in emotion focused couples therapy. Kula, O., Machluf, R., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Shahar, B. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2021. View

Daily dyadic coping during COVID-19 among Israeli couples. Bar-Kalifa, E., Randall, A. K., & Perelman, Y. Emotion, 2021. View

Coping with global uncertainty: Perceptions of COVID-19 psychological distress, relationship quality, and dyadic coping for romantic partners across 27 countries. Randall, A. K., Leon, G., Basili, E., Martos, T., Boiger, M., Baldi, M., ... & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2021. View

Responsiveness processes and daily experiences of shared reality among romantic couples. Bar-Shachar, Y. & Bar-Kalifa, E. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2021. View

Interpersonal Counseling for College Students: Pilot Feasibility and Acceptability Study. Rafaeli, A. K., Bar-Kalifa, E., Verdeli, H. & Miller, L. The American Journal of Psychotherapy, 2021. View

Physiological activation and co-activation in an imagery-based treatment for test anxiety. Prinz, J., Rafaeli, E., Reuter, J. K., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Lutz, W. Psychotherapy Research, 2021. View

Couples Therapists’ Attitudes Toward Online Therapy During the COVID-19 Crisis. Machluf, R., Abba Daleski, M., Shahar, B., Kula, O., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Family Process, 2021. View

Intrapersonal and interpersonal vocal affect dynamics during psychotherapy. Paz, A., Rafaeli, E., Bar-Kalifa, E., Gilboa-Schectman, E., Gannot, S., Laufer-Goldshtein, B., Narayanan, S., Keshet, J., & Atzil-Slonim, D. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2021. View

Using topic models to identify clients’ functioning levels and alliance ruptures in psychotherapy. Atzil-Slonim, D., Juravski, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Gilboa-Schechtman, E., Tuval-Mashiach, R., Shapira, N., & Goldberg, Y.  Psychotherapy, 2021. View

Narrative reconstruction therapy for prolonged grief disorder – a pilot study. Elinger, G., Hasson-Ohayon, I., Bar-kalifa, E., Boelen P. A., & Tuvia, P. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2021. View

Within and Between Associations of Nonverbal Synchrony in Relation to Grawe’s General Mechanisms of Change. Prinz, J., Boyle, K., Ramseyer, F., Kabus, W., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Lutz, W. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 2021. View

Respiratory sinus arrhythmia as a dyadic protective factor in the transition to parenthood. Bar‐Kalifa, E., Abba‐Daleski, M., Pshedetzky‐Shochat, R., Gleason, M. E., & Rafaeli, E.  Psychophysiology, 2021. View

Physiological and social synchrony as markers of PTSD and resilience following chronic early trauma. Motsan, S., Bar-Kalifa, E., Yirmiya, K., Feldman, R.  Depresion & Anxiety, 2021. View

Elements that Enhance Therapeutic Alliance and Short-term Outcomes in Metacognitive Reflection and Insight Therapy: A Session by Session Assessment. Lavi-Rotenberg, A., Bar-Kalifa, E., de Jong, S., Igra, L., Lyaker, P. H., Hasson-Ohayon, I.  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 2020. View

Accuracy and Bias in Vulnerability Perceptions of Partners Undergoing Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples. Wiesel I., Shahar B., Goldman, R., & Bar-Kalifa, E. Family Process, 2020. View

Fast and Slow Empathic Perceptions in Couples’ Daily Lives Use Different Cues. Sened, H., & Bar-Kalifa, E., Pshedetzky-Shochat, Gleason M., & Rafaeli E. Affective Science, 2020. View

Therapeutic Technique Diversity is Linked to Quality of Working Alliance and Client Functioning Following Alliance Ruptures. Chen R., Rafaeli E., Ziv-Beiman, S., Bar-Kalifa, E., Solomonov, N., Barber, J. P., Peri, T., & Atzil-Slonim, D. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2020. View

Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Emotional Networks and their Associations with Treatment Outcome. Bar-Kalifa, E., & Atzil-Slonim, D. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2020. View

Machine Learning Uncovers the Most Robust Predictors of Relationship Quality Across 43 Longitudinal Couples Studies. Joel, S., ... Bar-Kalifa, E. PNAS, 2020. View

Physiological Considerations in Systemic Family Therapy: The Role of Internal Systems in Relational Contexts. Bradford, A. B. & Bar-Kalifa, E. The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, 2020. View

Patterns of Early Change in Interpersonal Problems and their Relationship to Nonverbal Synchrony and Multidimensional outcome. Lutz W., … Bar-Kalifa., E., & Rubel J. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2020. View

Narrative Reconstruction as An Intervention for PTSD: A Pilot Delayed Intervention Quasi-randomized Controlled Trial. Gofman, M., Kivity Y., Bar-Kalifa E., Hasson Ohayon, I., Tuval-Mashiach, R., Peri, T. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 2020. View

Emotional Processing in Attachment-based Family Therapy for Suicidal Adolescents. Lifshitz, C., Tsvieli, N., Bar-Kalifa, E., Abbott, C., Diamond, G. S., Roger Kobak, R., & Diamond, G. M. Psychotherapy Research, 2020. View

Tracing Metacognition in Psychotherapy: Associations with Symptoms of General Distress and Depression. Arnon-Ribenfeld, N., Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Silber, Y., Fisher, H., Peri, T., Lysaker, P. H. & Hasson-Ohayon, I. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 2019. View

Physiological Synchrony and Therapeutic Alliance in an Imagery-Based Treatment. Bar-Kalifa, E., Prinz, Jessica, N., Atzil-Slonim, D., Rubel J. A., Lutz, W., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2019. View

Using Network Analysis for Examining Interpersonal Emotion Dynamics. Bar-Kalifa, E., & Sened, H. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 2020. View

Clients' Emotional Instability and Therapists' Inferential Flexibility Predict Therapists’ Session-by-session Empathic Accuracy. Lazarus, G., Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Hasson-Ohayon, I., Rafaeli, E.  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2019. View

Investigating the Mutual Changing of Patient's and Therapist's Self-States: An Integrative Clinical Research Study of a Single Case. HaCohen, N., Atzil-Slonim, D., Shapira, K., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Tuval-Mashiach, R. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 2019. View

Testing the Influence of Negative and Positive Emotion on Future Health-promoting Behaviors in a Community Sample. Nylocks, M. K., Rafaeli, E., Bar-Kalifa, E., Flynn, J. J., & Coifman, K. G. Motivation and Emotion, 2019. View

Imagery-Based Treatment for Test-Anxiety: A Multiple-Baseline Open Trial. Prinz, J. N., Bar-Kalifa, E., Rafaeli, E., Sened, H., & Lutz, W. Journal of Affective Disorders, 2019. View

Therapists' Empathic Accuracy toward their Clients' Emotions. Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Fisher, H., Lazarus, G., Hasson-Ohayon, I., Lutz, W., Rubel, J., & Rafaeli E. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2019. View

Mom-and-Pop Narcissism: Father's Attention Seeking and Mother's Grandiosity Impact Couples' Experience of the Transition to Parenthood. Sened, H., Bar-Kalifa, E., Pshedetzky-Shochat, R., Gleason, M., Rafaeli, E. Journal of Personality Disorders, 2019. View


Existentially Oriented Group Intervention for Patients With Heart Failure: Intervention Development and Preliminary Assessment. Vilchinsky, N., Horowitz, Y., Bar-Kalifa, E., Hasson-Ohayon, I., Berlin, T., & Mosseri, M. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 2019. View


Exploring the Process of Change in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Social Anxiety. Haberman, A., Shahar B., Bar-Kalifa, E., Zilcha-Mano, S., & Diamond, G, M. Psychotherapy Research, 2019. View

Self-Compassion among Psychotherapy Clients is in the Details of Negative, Not Positive, Emotions. Galili-Weinstock, L., Lazarus, G., Bar-Kalifa, E., Atzil-Slonim, D., Peri, T., & Rafaeli, E. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 2019. View

Therapists' Interventions as a Predictor of Clients' Emotional Experience, Self-Understanding, and Treatment Outcomes. Fisher, H, Rafaeli, E., Bar-Kalifa, E., Barber, J. P, Solomonov, N., Peri, T., & Atzil-Slonim, D. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2019. View

Emotional Congruence between Clients and Therapists and its Effect on Treatment Outcome. Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Fisher, H., Peri, T., Lutz, W., Rubel, J., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2018. View


Therapists' Recognition of Alliance Ruptures as a Moderator of Change in Alliance and Symptoms. Chen, R., Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Hasson-Ohayon, I., & Rafaeli, E. Psychotherapy Research, 2018. View


The Association between Self-Compassion and Treatment Outcomes: Session-level and Treatment-level effects. Galili-Weinstock L., Chen R., Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Peri, T., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2018. View


Accurate Where It Counts: Empathic Accuracy on Conflict and No-conflict Days. Lazarus, G., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Rafaeli, E. Emotion, 2018. View

Mother-Infant Sleep Patterns and Parental Functioning of Room-Sharing and Solitary Sleeping Families: a Longitudinal Study from 3 to 18 Months. Volkovich, E., Bar-Kalifa, E., Meiri, G., & Tikotzky, L. Sleep, 2018. View


Congruence of Therapeutic Bond Perceptions and Its Relation to Treatment Outcome: Within- and Between-Dyad Effects. Rubel, J., Bar-Kalifa, E., Atzil-Slonim, Schmidt, S., & Lutz, W. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2018. View

Moderators of Congruent Alliance between Therapists and Clients: A Realistic Accuracy Model. Chen, R., Rafaeli, E., Bar-Kalifa, E., Gilboa-Schechtman, E., Lutz, W., & Atzil-Slonim, D. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2018. View

Partners’ Support During the Good Times: Associations with Fears of Positive and Negative Evaluation. Zahavi, T., Bar-Kalifa, E., Sened, H., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2018. View


Social Anxiety, Depression and Close Relationship: Intra and Inter-Personal Perceptions of Social-Rank and Affiliation. Zabag, R., Bar-Kalifa, E., Mor, N., & Gilboa-Schechtman, E. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2018. View

Daily Support Equity in Romantic Couples: Response Surface Analyses of Monadic and Dyadic Data. Bar-Kalifa, E., Pshedetzky-Shochat, R., Rafaeli, E., & Gleason, M.E.J. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 2018. View

Intraindividual Variability in Symptoms Consistently Predicts Sudden Gains: An Examination of Three Independent Datasets. Shalom, J. G., Gilboa-Schechtman, E., Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Hasson-Ohayon, I., van Oppen, P., ...Aderka, I. M. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2018. View

Growth Curves of Clients' Emotional Experience and their Association with Emotion Regulation and Symptoms. Fisher, H., Atzil-Slonim, Bar-Kalifa, E., Rafaeli, E., & Peri, T. Psychotherapy Research, 2017. View

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder in Adults: Results from a Multiple-Baseline Design. Shahar, B., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Alon, E. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2017. View

Multiplicity and Mutuality in the Transition of Patient and Therapist's Self-States: comparison of good vs. poor outcome groups. HaCohen, N., Atzil-Slonim, D., Tuval-Mashiach, R., Bar-Kalifa, E., Fisher, H. Psychotherapy research, 2017. View


Affective Instability as a Clinical Feature of Avoidant Personality Disorder. Snir, A., Bar-Kalifa, E., Berenson, K., Downey, G., & Rafaeli, E.  Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 2017. View


Agreement between Clients with Schizophrenia and Mental Health Workers on Clients' Social Quality of Life: The role of Social Cognition and Symptoms. Ofir-Eyal, S., Hasson-Ohayon, I., Bar-Kalifa, E., Kravetz, S., & Lysaker, P. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 2017. View


Stability or Instability in Avoidant Personality Disorder: Mode Fluctuations within Schema Therapy Sessions. Peled, O., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 2017. View


Empathic Accuracy and Relationship Satisfaction: A Meta-Analytic Review. Sened, H., Lavidor, M., Lazarus, G., Bar-Kalifa, E., Rafaeli, E., & Ickes, W. Journal of Family Psychology, 2017. View


Now You Have My Attention: Empathic Accuracy Pathways in Couples during Conflict. Sened, H., Yovel, I., Bar-Kalifa, E., Gadassi, R. & Rafaeli, E. Emotion, 2016. View


Truth and bias in Daily Judgement of Support Receipt between Romantic Partners. Bar-Kalifa, E., Rafaeli, E., & Sened, H. Personal Relationships, 2016. View


Emotional Experience and Alliance Contribute to Therapeutic Change in Psychodynamic Therapy Psychotherapy. Fisher, H., Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Rafaeli, E., & Peri, T. Psychotherapy, 2016. View


Therapist-Client Agreement in Assessments of Clients' Functioning. Bar-Kalifa, E., Atzil-Slonim, D., Rafaeli, E., Peri, T., Rubel, J., & Lutz, W. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2016. View


Relational Entitlement Moderates the Associations between Support Matching and Perceived Partner Responsiveness. Bar-Kalifa, E., Bar-Kalifa, L., Rafaeli, E., George-Levi, S., & Vilchinsky, N. Journal of Research in Personality, 2016. View

Imagery Rescripting for Test Anxiety: Review and First Experience. Prinz, J.N., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Lutz, W. Psychotherapie - Psychosomatik - Medizinische Psychologie, 2016. View


Daily Affect Dynamics predict Early Response in CBT: Feasibility and predictive validity of EMA for outpatient psychotherapy. Husen, K., Rafaeli, E., Rubel, J. A., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Lutz, W. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 2016. View


Above and Below Baselines: The Nonmonotonic Effects of Dyadic Emotional Support in Daily Life. Bar-Kalifa, E., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 2015. View

Attachment Insecurity as a Moderator of the Physiological Effects of Dyadic Support. Kordahji, H., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Research in Personality, 2015. View


Therapeutic Bond Judgments: Congruence and Incongruence. Atzil-Slonim, D., Bar-Kalifa, E., Rafaeli, E., Lutz, W., Rubel, J, Schiefele, A. K., & Peri, T. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2015. View


Perceived Partner Responsiveness Mediates the Association between Social Anxiety and Relationship Satisfaction in Committed Couples. Bar-Kalifa, E., Hen-Weissberg, A, & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2015. View


Shame During Social Interactions Predicts Subsequent Generalized Anxiety Symptoms: A Daily-Diary Study. Shahar, B., Bar-Kalifa, E., & Hen-Weissberg, A. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2015. View


Disappointment’s sting is greater than help’s balm: Quasi-signal-detection of daily support matching. Bar-Kalifa, E., & Rafaeli, E. Journal of Family Psychology, 2013. View

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